CIMaCC@Cambridge Festival

Relaxation Through
A Guided Experiential Session

Churchill College, University of Cambridge
16 March 2024

Experience the art of mindfulness and interventions to improve the quality of life as promoted at the Mindful Breathing Lab, MAYO Clinic, Rochester under the guidance of its founding director (  

Master ‘Box Breathing’, ‘Diaphragmatic Breathing’ and ‘Relaxing Breath’ with Guided Music using innovative web-based creations @ Bespoke Music-Narration for Health and Wellness (

Cultivate natural and internal energy (‘chi’) through orchestrated body/posture movements based on qiqong/ taichi principles to foster relaxation, healthy aging, and wellness (

CIMaCC welcomes you to this free event as part of the 2024 Cambridge Festival, booking is required. 

For booking and more information, please email Professor Valerie Ross at

Thank You All Who Participated In This Fully Booked Event !