Installation & Sculpture Trail

Sunday 31 July 2016
Churchill College Chapel
10:30am – 3:30pm

Delegates will be spoilt for choice in deciding which events to attend at the Sculpture Trail, comprising of a charming Installation  entitled ‘Through the Eyes of a Child and a Penguin’ by Nicola Ravenscroft (Chapel), ‘Jazz Rendezvous’ by  recording artists  Roslin Russell  (co-founder of the Cambridge Jazz Festival) and  David Burgoyne  (Churchill College music alumni), ‘Outdoor Performance’ by NACTA and a Churchill College Sculpture guide led by Tim Cribb with readings  of poetry by John Kinsella and Geoff Ward.


‘THROUGH the EYES of a CHILD and a PENGUIN’ by Nicola Ravenscroft

Sculptor and lyricist Nicola Ravenscroft presents phase one of her international installation in bronze and song, inviting you to “play the penguin” “WITH the HEART of a CHILD”.

Designed around an image of the young child as representative of our vulnerability, and in the context of her practice as a “cause-centric” artist, Nicola outlines this project, a unique global initiative, which itself invites engagement and participation from all 195 nations on earth.

The quietly insistent message conveyed by this work, seeks gently to challenge and transform human behaviour, so building creative friendships worldwide around a shared love and respect for water, our precious, yet deeply threatened, natural resource … the life spring running through us all.

Nicola will be talking about her work at 10.45 am and 11.15 am

For more information about Nicola and her work, click here.

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(10.45 – 11. 30 AM)







Cambridge-based Roslin Russell has performed regularly in both Cambridge and London over the years and also co-founded and organises the Cambridge Jazz Festival, now in its second year. A recording artist, Roslin’s voice has been compared to the late bluesy vocals of Ottilie Patterson (Chris Barber Jazz Band) and influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, Dianne Reeves and Jose James.

In this Jazz Rendevous, along the Sculpture Trail, Roslin will be joined by Cambridge music graduate, composer, local educator and multi-instrumentalist, David Burgoyne on piano for ‘an intimate, joyous, interchanging and soulful performance of jazz standards with a few contemporary tunes – storytelling and improvisation with deep groove, blues and soul!’


Performances at 10.45 am &  11.15 am



CIMACC is delighted to host a group of eminent musicians from the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, featuring performances of Chinese music at the highest level. NACTA dedicated to the training of professionals in performing and studying traditional Chinese opera at undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The only institution of its kind in China, students are educated by highly experienced faculty members, drawing many of the world’s leading practitioners of Chinese music together with international scholars, experts and artists engaged in learning-teaching activities. This informal outdoor performance as part of the Sculpture Trail is a delightful prelude to a concert setting of traditional and new music themed ‘Rituals of Culture’ at BIBAC2016.


(10.45 am – 11.45 am)



Churchill College has many beautiful sculptures dotted along its grounds . Tim Cribb, Emeritus Fellow of Churchill College will be just the person to  tell us some of the delightful tales behind the sculptures and also read  lovely poems written by John Kinsella and Geoffrey Ward.

What is art without participation by the community of artists themselves  and we know that so many of our BIBAC delegates are leaders of arts practice around the world.  So, we take this glorious opportunity to extend an open invitation to participants simply to perch yourself at any of the sculptures and  Perform!