CIMaCC Board of Management

CIMaCC is governed by a Board of Management. The members are:

  • Professor Valerie Ross (Chair/Director of CIMaCC, Cambridge)
  • Tim Cribb (Secretary; Former Tutor for Advanced Students & Emeritus Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge)
  • Dr. Delphine Mordey (Director of Studies, Churchill College, Cambridge)
  • Dr. Elizabeth DeMarrais (Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge)
  • Professor Dominic Wyse (Institute of Education, University of London)
  • Dr. Jeremy Thurlow (Director of Studies, Robinson College, Cambridge)
  • Dr. Alexander Knapp (Research Associate, SOAS, University of London)
  • Maxine Franklin (Concert Pianist)
  • Dr. Cynthia TseKimberlin (Executive Director, MRI Press)
  • James Brady (Freelance jazz trumpeter, composer, arranger and teacher)