Building Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Bridges: Where Practice Meets Research and Theory

The Centre for Intercultural Musicology at Churchill College is delighted to announce the launch of an inaugural e-book by BIBACC Publishing, entitled ‘Building Interdisciplinary Bridges : Where Practice Meets Research and Theory’ (Eds) Pamela Burnard, Valerie Ross, Helen Julia Minors, Kimberly Powell, Tatjana Dragovic and Elizabeth Mackinlay. Comprising twenty-four extended articles originally presented at BIBAC2016, a biennial international conference co-organised by CIMACC, the contributing authors include internationally renowned scholars, researchers and intercultural arts practitioners drawn from different parts of the world. Together, they develop a powerful argument by uniquely and systematically bringing together and consolidating the intercultural and interdisciplinary arts, prevalent in research and practice. Clarifying this complex field with substantive chapters that examine, among other aspects, intercultural arts theories, research approaches and innovative practices from multiple perspectives, this open-access e-book may be downloaded HERE