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CIAN March Newsletter
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20% Discount With This Flyer
A 20% discount of The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research will be applied when you purchase the handbook with this flyer which is available for download here.



International Women’s Day 2016
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BIBAC 2016 Welcomes Keynote From 2014
Due to popular request, this year’s conference will feature once again, Professor Liora Bresler as our keynote.



Creativities in Intercultural Arts Arts Network – CIAN
Being a contributor to the BIBAC 2016 means you will be in line for: (a) getting published in our next edited volume following the book launch of the International Handbook of Intercultural Arts which will be a feature of the BIBAC 2016 events and; (b) winning a presenter’s prize along with; (c) amazing networking opportunities and the stimulus of being with an interdisciplinary community in Cambridge for 3 amazing days!

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BIBAC 2016 Features A Book Launch
BIBAC 2016 features a special book launch reception in celebration of the IHIAR –
professor Kimberly Powell and Elizabeth Mackinlay co-editors along with conference
co-convenor Pamela Burnard.














BIBAC 2014 Poster
From our archives. For a full downloadable version, click here.

BIBAC 2014 , 24-26 Oct









BIBAC 2014 Conference Dinner



Amanda Couch – ‘Eating As Art’ from BIBAC 2014



The Performance of Interculturality from BIBAC 2014



Book2look – The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research
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